Photo documentary of a graffiti mural being painted for me last weekend (see preface below)




A couple weeks ago, someone wrote from Ensenada, MX, asking to interview me, regarding the graffiti art photos on my website, for a class at their university. Coincidentally, within about a day, someone in the same city, a 'Muralist' (graffiti artist) named ‘Before', a member of the 'ModeLSK' team, offered to do a mural for me if I bought the paint. So I bought lots of assorted colors of aerosol spray paint, made sure we had permission to paint a wall, and headed down to Ensenada.


The students were able to interview the artist at the same time as they interviewed me. Before we were finished, the profesora also came by to see the wall. She told me the class was doing a project in arguing a case on whether 'graffiti art' was art or vandalism. The ones who met with me were to argue the side that graffiti was art. I feel it depends on whether permission was given to paint. I suppose it could be art and vandalism if permission was not given. Taggers are another story: Probably almost always vandalism.


I will be adding some photos here on the progress of the painting on the wall done that day. As well as some hi-res photos in the free photo section the weekend starting 5/2. Some of the photos for this weekend (starting 4/25) can be previewed here:



More on the event coming soon.




Sometimes I tend to forget that there is not a lot of reason to have

faith in people voting in large groups. Thus my surprise when the

Cheetah Girl was voted out of Dancing with the Stars when there was much less polished dancers with much fewer judges points

left on the show. The good side is that being less interested in

the show frees up time for other things.



Recently a couple cute little pre-school girls were going door-to-door with their version of a mobile garage sale. They had an assortment of doo-dads and toys they had put together. My wife asked, “What is the money going to be used for?”

One girl replied, “To Help the World”.

Who wouldn’t want to get onboard with that? So we bought a little doll to help the world.




This was a feral cat that we started feeding when he was a kitten, then the mother stopped coming, but this little guy kept coming. Little by little we moved his dish inside the house. Eventually he started hanging out inside.

We got a kitty litter box and he just started using it; apparently preferring it to the outdoors. Now he is a member of the family. He is very well behaved. He seems to understand what we don’t want him to do, and only needs to be told once or twice. And he always puts the toys we got him in one of the corners when he is finished playing with it. If only kids were so well behaved.

We’re still trying to figure out how to get a flea collar on him. He’s got just enough wildness left to flee when anything strange is happening.


Interview with the founder of fontplay.com - 8/25

(that would be me)


Photography Trip to Tijuana 8/19

It was a very interesting trip. One of the more interesting aspects was in walking through Zona Norte, the spruced up prostitution district. Seeing all the spandex, troweled on make-up, and assorted body types on display is always kind of trippy, if you can get past the sad personal aspects of lives reduced to humanities dung-heap of drugs and all.


Photography is not allowed in this area (now enforced by police), but if it was I could have gotten some killer human-drama photos. Just a close-up of each face would have made a book.


An interesting note was the police presence was at least 10 times more than I had ever seen in Zona Norte at my last visits. As if it was being condoned (in a sense) and protected at an official level.

I know there is a big push to make sure bad things don’t happen to tourists. The long border wait has really cut down the tourist day-trips to spend money. And there are also many new ’vacation homes’ for sale along the coast between TJ and Ensenada, and they don’t want bad stories circulating that might scare away buyers.

One result is the the TJ police force has being undergoing many changes, one of which is replacing male police officers, that used to shake down motorists for bribes, with pleasant female officers who make a point of trying to be helpful and nice. Whoever figured this out deserves a medal.


Although I was on the lookout for good signage, I didn’t really do too well in that regard, but I did get some world-class graffiti art which will turn up in the Free Photo section in the coming weeks.







There will be wars and rumors of wars.

Licorice ice cream rocks if you can find it anywhere.

This world isn't going to get any better until it gets much worse.

Just guessing, but I'll bet duct tape is a handy thing to have when baby-sitting.

When an everlasting God makes an everlasting covenant, I'll bet it's fairly everlasting.

When you think the Truth is too strange, you will substitute something even stranger:

In the beginning there was nothing. It exploded. And then we descended from amoebas.