Antique Illustration Scans


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Large scans of prints from engravings from "Masterpieces from the Art Galleries of the World" (1896?)


by J. E. Millais

1.4 Mb

Domestic Pastimes

E. Anders

Scratch Pack

C. Burton Barber


After Dinner

by C. Sühn


by Julius Benezur

The Dice Shakers

by Claus Meyer

Low Tide

by P. Baudit

Falstaff and His Friends

by C. R. Leslie

1.3 Mb

The Courtesy of War

by A. De Neuville

1.3 Mb

Merry Making in

the Olden Time

by Claus Meyer

1.4 Mb

Jack Ashore

by Henry Bacon

1.5 Mb

Irish Melody

by E. Hebert

1.2 Mb

The Funeral

by Knaus

1.1 Mb

Lady of the Domain

by Adrien Moreau

Woodland Vows

Robt. Beyschlag

1.4 Mb

The Story Book

by Silvio Rotta

1.4 Mb

The Introduction

by F. Vinca

1.3 Mb

Christ Entering


by G.Dore

1.2 Mb

The Gamsters

by A. Paoletti

1.7 Mb

Gathering Dandelions

by Leo. Hunter

1.1 Mb

The Angelus

by H. Hardy

1.5 Mb


by Jules Breton

1.2 Mb


by Perron

1.1 Mb

The New Toy Book

by E. Kurzbauer

1.5 Mb

Neighbors in the Field

by Jean Aubert

1.6 Mb

The Butterfly Chase

by H. Hardy

1.4 Mb

A Wee Bit Fractious

by Thomas Faed

1.3 Mb

My First Kiss

by Blanche Jenkins

1.3 Mb

The Flower Girl

by G. P. Hald

1.1 Mb

For the Safety of the Public

by E. Caldwell

1.3 Mb

Birthday Morning

by M. v. Bremen

1.4 Mb

Sleeping Cupid

by E. Munier

1.2 Mb


by John C. Kroener

2.4 Mb

Rutting Stag

by Joseph Lieck

2.3 Mb


by E. de Blass

1.6 Mb

The following are scanned from a 1901 book called "Goethe's Werke".

I found it at a thriftstore for $5. It is falling apart, but I like the drawings. ("auto-levels" and cleaned up a bit  in Photoshop)

Illustrators: E. Klingebeil, L. Berwald, & R. Lotter


Scans of prints from a 1900 book called "Five Little Peppers"


From "Wit and Humor of the World" -1915 (no printed date, but hand-dated as a gift in 1915)

Below is a scan from "Mottoes and Commentaries

of Froebel's Mother Play" Pub. 1895

How they sometimes appear before I hit Photoshop's "auto-levels":


Coming scans to include illustrations from:

"The Student's Cyclopaedia" Pub. 1901