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Weeds and all:



The muralist 'Before" considering the wall while Efren looks on:



The Police asking what we are doing... After interviewing the owner

of the wall and finding we had permission, they took down all the

details, and left us in peace the rest of the day:



Starting the priming process. Notice the weeds are mostly now

in the street so no one will park in front of the work:



Running out of white because the wall was bigger than we thought,

'Before' starts painting the design outline:



The beginning of filling in:



Fleshing out more detail, "LSK" (stands for Life Style Krew)



Here you can see the outlines of the full design showing a paint can on

each side spraying out 'Before' and 'LSK', just before another artist friend

came by and Before graciously gave him a couple panels, sacrificing what

I thought was going to be a very cool unified composition.



'Before' sketching out a revision:



This is the outline of 'Spencr':



and the beginning of Spencr's cartoon idea:



And the final of this section:




A friend who drew the cartoon outlines and 'Spencr':



Finishing up:



Click the thumbnail below to see the full mural larger:



Click these thumbnails to see some details:





I'd like to thank 'Before' and 'Spencr'. And my nephew Efren

(for finding the artists, and arranging to get permission to

paint the wall), and Edgardo for giving permission.


I'd also like to thank Starbucks for opening in Ensenada.

When we met there to plan with the university students (UABC) who

wanted to do an interview (heavy-metal/goth look), and the artist

(shaved head with tattoos), me (tall, old, straight-looking gringo),

people must have wondered...


At the end of the day I was so tired from standing in the sun most of

the day, but it was an interesting experience, and was way better than

staying in the house listening to my wife and mother-in-law chatter

away in Spanish for hours at a time.


Btw, try the good hand carwash at 12th and Ryerson. You can

also see the wall while you are there.